Welcome and a massive whooo haa from the team at Speckel.

It is truly gratifying to finally have someone other than ourselves on our fledging platform.

So first up, in our first ever post, it would seem natural to tell a story…..the story of Speckel, our purpose and why we think it is time for change.

Over the last few years, our team have been huge advocates of better approaches to the design and construction of our built environment, particularly sustainable design ands the numerous benefits of building with a view to being more resilient and considerate of occupant comfort.

Working on commercial and resident construction projects throughout Australasia, we have seen both awesome outcomes but also the more common challenges to creating better buildings. Challenges in both the understanding of the building envelope in design and construction or the time to acquire it!

Time, risk and costs are ultimately the three devils of design and construction, with too many teams not having the ability to strike the right balance.

It is this challenge that initially bonded our team of geeky building scientists, mechanical engineers and software developers to ask the question:

“how can we help make it easier for teams to navigate the multi-disciplinary challenge of designing better building envelopes?”

And thus, Speckel was born…. a knowledge and design platform that aims to create better opportunities for building design and construction teams focused on the building envelope.

We see ourselves as enablers of better and faster solutions that create healthier, safer and more energy efficient buildings, all underpinned by a better understanding of material product specifications.

Through collaboration, knowledge sharing and disrupting the status quo, we aim to wear our ambitions high to:

  1. Drive awesome outcomes in building envelope design and construction.
  2. Keep the industry ahead of the curve, removing barriers to knowledge via education and openness.
  3. Create useful, human centric applications and market approaches to integrate into project teams.
  4. Encourage greater awareness and uptake of better envelope building products and techniques.

In May 2019, the release of the heavily revised and often more onerous Australian National Construction Code 2019 has provided the team with perfect opportunity to put our best foot forward and provide a new approach for the design and construction industry.

Initially focusing on Section J, today our Speckel platform provides a quick and easy way to understand and model projects against the minimum performance requirements of– 1.5 Wall – Glazing. As we expand we will be including further building envelope design tools for all to use!

Enjoy Speckel, jump on for free and please tell us what you think. We need your feedback as we’re constantly thinking about what we’ve done and how we could be doing it better… no matter how small the feedback, we want to hear it!