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How much does it cost to create a project on Speckel?

We provide 3 access levels, Community, Practise and Enterprise, all with different costings at a project level. Community is free to create projects with limited features, Practice is AU$199 for up to 5 projects and Enterprise is AU$499 for as many projects as you like.

Pricing Update - August 2020

We have updated our pricing on Speckel. It’s fairer to say that we are now charging a small monthly fee for some users to maintain the platform as opposed to it being a 100% free.

On the 10th of August, if you are an existing user, you will be able to continue to access your Projects at the Community Level but you will notice a few restrictions. Some features and reporting will now be disabled. To enable them, you simply need to upgrade to the Practice Level.

Is Speckel free to use?

We encourage you to enjoy our platform by making use of the dozens of free features for general use. We ask for your name and email address so we can register you as a user, but that’s about it. While you will get great value, certain features and capabilities are only available by upgrading to our Practice Level.

Where and when do i pay for projects?

Payments are all made on the Speckel platform. Once you are signed in, you can simply upgrade to Practice or Enterprise subscriptions levels.

What is a Community subscription and is it right for me?

Speckel is for everyone focused on creating better buildings. If you simply want to try our platform, Community is the place to start.  We do not charge to use Speckel at the Community subscription level, as we want you to experience our platforms capabilities, get access to supplier data and for you to begin the specification of better building products.

What is a Practice subscription and is it right for me?

Our Practice subscription is designed for users that are consistently working on at least 2 active projects per month and want to gain access to our rapid Performance Solution Reporting. This commitment provides access to all our Premium Apps while you can create Performance Solutions against the National Construction Code and for up to 5 projects for AU $199+ a month.

What is an Enterprise subscription and is it right for me?

Our Enterprise subscriptions is designed for users that are consistently working on at least 6 active projects per month. Once you reach this level, you will be interested in our bespoke and branded reporting requirements, allowing a better workflow with an unlimited number of projects.  AU $499+ a month.

If I am a heavy user, with more than 5 projects a month, what are my options for further discounts?

If you have exhausted your number of projects when using the Practise subscription, a maximum of 5, you may want to consider the peace of mind that our Enterprise subscription provides. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for significant savings and better workflow, where you create an unlimited number of projects while gaining access to our project analytics tools and bespoke reporting functionality.

Monthly billing on Speckel

A month could be a calendar month, an average month or the rest of the month in some cases. We count a month as 30 days. So when committing to paying for a month, you get precisely that… 30 days of usage for that billing period.

If you decide to deactivate your billing after 10 days, you will continue on the Practice Level for another 20 days before returning to our Community Level. Don’t worry… all project information continues to be retained, and you simply need to grab another 30 days at the Practise Level to continue working on your Projects when they are active again.

This approach puts you in control of the billing and enables savings across the year!

Do i have to commit to a 12 month period?

Absolutely not. When we state a month by month cost, we mean it —no ongoing commitments to periods that may not include active usage. So If you are working on other activities where you don’t need Speckel for a few months or want to turn it off over summer when you are more interested in what’s going on at the beach, no problems!

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