Is Speckel free to use?

We encourage you to enjoy our platform by making use of the dozens of free features for general use. We ask for your name and email address so we can register you as a user, but that’s about it. While you will get great value, certain features and capabilities are only available by using our paid projects feature.

How much does it cost to create a project on Speckel?

Once you activate a project on our platform, you have 30 days to use our premium features as much as you like. After 30 days it is automatically rendered inactive. Once inactive, we don’t charge you any further.

The monthly charges are based on how many projects you have activated in your billing cycle, rewarding you for more active projects. If you have only activated two projects in your billing cycle, you will be charged at $99 each but if you have activated three, you receive a discount and are charged at $83 each.

What is the difference between projects and active projects?

If you are using our platform and want to start using our premium features, you will want to create and activate a project. A project is defined by its name, climate zone, and building class.

Projects start as inactive until you choose to activate them. When you are ready, activate your project to begin your 30 days of premium features. Activating a project for the first time means committing to the project’s name, climate zone, and building class. If you make a mistake, don’t worry – we’re here to help.

After 30 days your activated project will be automatically rendered inactive. If you want to jump back on to the project and reactivate it, this will give you another 30 days of premium features at a charge based on the total number of projects you have activated in your billing cycle.

Where and when do i pay for projects?

Payments are all made on the Speckel platform. Once you are signed in, we collect your billing information and only charge for projects once they have been activated.

Am I charged every month, even when I am not using Speckel?

No, we understand construction and that projects have different stages of activity. Therefore, we only charge you for when a project is being used and call this an active project.

How does the Speckel discount system work?

The Speckel discount system rewards users when they register and activate more projects on the platform. Discounts are grouped in bundles, with 3 – 5 active projects receiving a 16% discount and 6 – 10 projects receiving a 24% discount from the base price of $99 per 30 days. Thereafter, if you have really got the Speckel bug, we can provide an Enterprise Access Level, where you pay a fixed cost and can create as many projects as you like.

If I am a heavy user, with more than 10 projects active, what are my options for further discounts?

Sure thing! We call this our Enterprise Access Level. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for significant savings, you want to create an unlimited number of projects and access to our project analytics tool.

What is an Enterprise Access Level and is it right for me?

Our Enterprise Access Level is designed for users that are consistently working on at least 10 active projects per billing cycle. Once you reach this level, for each number of projects above 10 activated, a discount is applied to every project, creating significant value for the high-end user.

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