Our four pillars

Navigate NCC 2019

Speckel makes it easy to get under the hood of the National Construction Code 2019 changes, whether you’re connecting the dots or looking for answers.

The National Construction Code (NCC) sets minimum performance requirements for residential and commercial buildings. As of the 1st of May 2019, sweeping changes have been introduced to the NCC to help us design and build healthier, safer, more accessible and energy-efficient buildings.

We think better building envelops are a no brainer and provide an open knowledge base to find answers and understand challenges.

Engage your team

Better building envelope design is fluid by nature, with the best solutions always the result of project collaboration, ideally avoiding the time consuming email trail!

On Speckel, we have made team collaboration super simple! You can invite your colleagues, project team members or clients, to share your design ideas and outcomes, keeping everyone up-to-speed and on the same page.

It’s also a great way to collect valuable analytical information on multiple projects, so you can drill down into trends in design and construction.

Design great outcomes

Within the Speckel Studio, our swiss army knife of easy to use building envelope tools, you can model your design with actual product specifications, save your projects and share them with your team.

Initially focusing on the National Construction Code (NCC), our building envelope applications are super quick, low cost and high-value solutions designed for all to use. While our focus is engineering outcomes, our tools are simple to navigate and apply so you don’t need to be an engineer to use them!

Start designing building envelope solutions at no cost and get you and your team ahead of the NCC changes.

Discover new products

Unlike other platforms, we engage with building envelope suppliers and provide real product specifications that meet NCC 2019 requirements, avoiding the risk of using product assumptions as much as possible.

With access to 1000+ products, you can create building envelope solutions that will keep your project on track, all the way through to construction.

With the increased NCC 2019 focus on healthier, safer and more energy-efficient building envelope solutions, we believe everyone will benefit from identifying products early and de-risking procurement options against fire, acoustic, thermal and moisture objectives.

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