Rapid Workflow Solutions with our JV Reference App

Review a JV Reference Building In Seconds

Our JV Reference app provides rapid design requirements for JV1, JV2 and JV3 Verification pathways, within National Construction Code 2019 – Performance Solutions.

1. Geometry

Design with overall facade areas or via floor plates!

2. Envelope

Select the glazing to wall ratio, wall performance and shading strategy.

3. Results

Create Reference Building (Method 1 and 2) glazing performance requirements.

What is a Reference Building?

A Reference Building provides the minimum performance requirements for the National Construction Code 2019. This includes the building fabric and services. These need to be improved on to meet Section J – Energy Efficiency performance requirements.

Why is the reference building important?

By knowing the performance requirements of the Reference Building against the National Construction Code 2019, you can assess the level of effort required in JV1, JV2, and JV3 verification modelling pathways. Glazing and wall performance must now be balanced to obtain wall-glazing performance.

Calculated in accordance with Specification J1.5a Calculation of U-Value and solar admittance

Understand how your design stacks up against compliance in the National Construction Code

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